Spontaneous: Them: Yes ___ No ___

I love surprises! I love being swept off of my feet. It is a cherished mate who plans surprises and expends extra effort to break the monotony routine life can create.

I realize that this is not everyone’s dream mate, but if it is and you know by now that you’re not bound to be the recipient of spontaneous actions, don’t take it out on them. If they are not spontaneous, they are not!
Complimentary: Them: Yes ___ No ___

I know I get caught up in what I need to do sometimes and forget to acknowledge others. I try to compliment someone every day. It becomes a game. Who gets the compliment for the day?

It can be a challenge, be it provides me a great deal of joy to watch people’s reaction. It’s a wonderful feeling because they know I am sincere and I love watching their face light up.


Oddly enough it was one evening when my little brother was more than three hours late. I had anticipated spending the evening with him for weeks. I made a cross-ribbed roast with carrots, new potatoes, avocado salad with capers and garlic bread. It was one of his favorite meals.

I ended up having to turn the roast down to 200 degrees and wait it out. When Tony finally showed up, with no excuse for being late, I was absolutely sure the dinner would be completely ruined. But, it was the most tender and juicy roast any of us ever had. The gravy was incredible too!

I don’t know why that was a turning point for me, but it was. I began to try very hard to be flexible, to give up the rigidity that controlled my life.