Sets Spiritual Life Goals: Them: Yes ___ No ___

If we are here to learn lessons and develop our spiritual awareness though the lessons we receive, then we have a commitment to follow or create a path that will lead us in a positive direction.

If you believe in the spiritual purpose of life, then spiritual goals are paramount to the commitment of staying on the path.

If you do not believe in the spiritual purpose of life, this relationship will drive you both insane. It’s like you’re each trying to dray a 100-pound log around at every crossroad in the relationship.



Spiritually Aware:          Them: Yes ___ No ___

I was raised Roman Catholic with the fear of God haunting my actions until I was in my twenties.

Being religious is not the same as being spiritual. Although most religious people believe they are spiritual, you’ll never hear of a spiritual person claiming to be religious.

My point of reference is that spirituality is a way of life; a calm acceptance of the things that we can change and an appreciation of the gift offered in those things that we couldn’t change.

Spirituality goes beyond prayer. It is a divine presence within