Making a List and Checking it Twice

What Singles Need to Know!

Are you tired of making up just to break up?

Do you try to convince yourself that all the good ones are taken?

Have you ever thought about the choices you’ve made in your past relationships?

This is my second book and came about because of the difficulties I had in identifying my ideal relationship. I was raised in the small coastal town of Mendocino. Everyone knew everyone else and it was a gentle community full of support and caring people.

Yet, once out into the real world, I quickly found that all that seems to be real is not always the case. I became a quick study of personalities and behavior tactics. After two marriages that didn’t work out, I developed a rapid fire sequence of questions that would eliminate spending time with someone who was not in alignment with my life goals.

The topic of dating and the confusion that surrounds dating seemed to be everywhere. Eventually I began to share my insights and received tremendous interests from others to learn more.

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Single’s Spotlight 
22 Interviews with Single’s Experts
Are you tired of making up just to break up?Imagine being able to tap into the expert advice of the best of our nation’s singles experts.You’ll learn from April Harding, Bryan Redfield, David Wygant, Debra Bernt, Dennie Hughes, Doc Ali, Dr Jackie Black, Dr John Curtis, Dr Paul Dobransky, Evan Katz, Judith and Jim, Kara Oh, Keri Newell, Leil Lowndes, Paul Layne Cutright, Phyllis Chase, Rachel Greenwald, Scot McKay, Sharyn Abbott, Shelley Riutta, Susan Page and Tom Justin who have all proven themselves to the singles arena.Each program is one hour long and filled with the best concepts to help you in your single’s challenges.

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