Interview Questions

  1. Obviously you’ve given this quite a bit of thought since you wrote your book on dating in 2002, why do you think most relationships don’t work?
  2. Why do you think setting your priorities are important?
  3. You have a unique checklist of what you want in a relationship, how did you devise your list?
  4. Have you had others have been able your list?
  5. Are there right or wrong answers as a result from the list?
  6. It’s sounds like a lot of work to make a list, is it really necessary?
  7. How flexible should someone be with their preferences on their list?
  8. How can people learn from relationships when they don’t work out?
  9. How can someone meet a more ideal person to date?
  10. Do dating sites work?
  11. If someone hasn’t dated in awhile, how would you suggest they get back into it?
  12. In wrapping up, would you tell everyone how they can get a hold of you and your book?