One of the sure fire ways to kill a relationship is a lack of passion. Have you ever been in a relationship without passion? I have. For me, everything else began to pale. I became suspicious of him. I was sure he was having an affair. I had already been married once before, so I was very determined to make this marriage work.

I tried everything I could think of from fancy dressing gowns and sexy negligees. I tried being extra aware of how he was acting and as long we weren’t any where near the bedroom, he was as kind and attentive as he had been before we were married.

I felt blindsided and when he refused to to go through counseling. He wouldn’t talk about why he had ceased to have any interest in being intimate.

When two people are passionate and can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, their relationship is more likely to survive difficult times. Without passion, most relationships will be a struggle even in the best of times.

The exception is when neither have any passion. Then I imagine it would seem more like a roommate rather than a relationship.

Either one is not wrong, but being honest about which side of passion you are on, early on in the relationship will save you and your partner a major amount of grief.

Before you involve someone in a relationship, be sure you’re both on the same page.