I worked with a couple in Walnut Creek who had been together for 20 years. They were at a cross roads in their relationship and wanted help.

He was a successful business man who had three start ups he had sold and was pursuing his most current passion. She is a fine artist. His criticism of her was she wasn’t a business woman. She would earn about $3,000 month and spend $2,000 on art supplies. She had two storage facilities full of supplies.

After our second meeting where I did my NESTing process I told him his assignment for the week was to get up on Saturday morning, take one of her canvases and paint a picture we could sell the next week.

Confused, he said, “But I’m not an artist!”

“I know, but since you expect her to be as good at being in business as you are, you should be as good at being an artist as she is.”  I explained.

It took a few seconds for him to mull that over and comprehend the depth of the burden he had been placing on her.

I told her she had to develop a comprehensive business plan on how she would double her business in the next six months while keeping her expenditures within 20% of her current expenses.

They both looked at each other and grinned. They got it, by George, the got it!