I finally let my own guard down and have been talking, recently only texting, to a man on the other side of the country. He has all the qualities I have never thought possible in one person.

You know how it is when you talk with someone and you can finish each other’s statements; you always are thinking of ways of helping each other; you can talk for hours and hours even when you’re bone tired; and the anticipation of being together is quite beyond your imagination?

Well that’s how I was feeling, until he postponed our getting together and began to only text me every few days after talking live with me every day for two months!

What was I to think? The advice from friends ran theĀ gambit from hiring a hit man, flying out to the east coast to confront him, refusing to ever talk with him again, making sure he knew what a jerk he was being and so forth. Friends can get pretty creative when they’re feeling protective.

But then he finally called with a few explanations, none of which could justify the lapse in his vocal communication. Yet, I wonder, what is the real story? When he was the one who pushed to purse this personal side of our relationship and then withdrew so drastically, what is the complete story?

When dealing with another’s feelings, always be honest and straightforward. The “What if” scenario has just about exhausted my capacity to think. I don’t know if this is worth the effort, how could I?

But I decided, I wait and see!