Physical Preferences

Anyone can be appealing with a plain face and a great personality.

Everyone has a comfort zone for height. Before you get to know someone, does it matter how tall or short they are? Absolutely not! But if you end up pursuing a relationship that leads to marriage and years of being together, doesn’t it make sense to think very carefully about your preferences before you become deeply entrenched in the relationship?
Perhaps you are like I am, “short.” I’m only 5’4″, but I wear 2-3″ heels which makes me appear to be taller. Trying to date a man that is a full foot taller than I am is not as much fun as someone who is within six to eight inches taller. When we dance, it is more pleasurable to dance cheek to cheek rather than cheek to belly button! Besides it saves on the neck strain when your head doesn’t have to be at a 90-degree angle just to look into their eyes.
I know women and men both who prefer dating those who are more than a foot shorter or taller than they are. There is no wrong answer, only what you prefer.