Personal Habits

Smokes: Them: Yes ___ No ___
Do they smoke? If you are like me and happen to be an ex-smoker who developed an extreme allergy to smoking, whether they smoke or not, is a major issue. The smell on their clothes alone can inspire a major allergic reaction.
Anti-drugs: Them: Yes ___ No ___
One of my absolutes is “no drugs of any kind” ever. I often get challenged because I don’t consider alcohol a drug, but my concern is that I am not comfortable being around anyone who needs to smoke a joint on a regular basis or have any other substance including alcohol that controls his or her life.
At one time in my life I nearly became an alcoholic because of the people I associated with. Not that I am that easily led at this point in my life, but before I realized it, every single function I attended became a non-stop marathon of drinking. All within the context of social drinking, but it really was abusive. If my glass was empty, I was a party pooper.