Personal Habits

Wears Jewelry: Them: Yes ___ No ___
Do you remember the height of Tom Jones’ era? Almost every man wore gold chains that looked like they weighed twenty pounds. I had a very negative reaction to this style and it must have taken more than ten years before I finally got comfortable with men wearing large jewelry items. I only recently dropped my negative attitude about men wearing earrings. Sometimes I shudder to think how closely my opinions get to my parent’s.
I’m not impressed with women who look like they’re wearing every item of jewelry they own either.
Maybe what it boils down to is those who are comfortable being flashy and I don’t share the same sense of style. More is not always better. The rule of thumb according to Emily Post is never wear more than seven accessories: earrings count as two per pair, necklace, earrings, rings, belts and label pins. Anything more than that is considered a distraction from the person. They are meant to be accessories, an accent, and not things to hide behind.