Of all of these babies, 98% were considered geniuses. By the time they were five it had dropped to 75%, by the time they were ten, it was 50%, when they reached 15 it was 25% and when the children became 21 it was down to 2%.
What a sad statement it is for the home and school environment. Yet, it is obvious from the study that intelligence is not derived solely from education.
I grew up with several afflictions: I stuttered, as dyslectic and couldn’t read without placing a ruler under each line and separating the words between my fingers, lest the words blurred together endlessly. Reading a book was a monumental task.
Spelling was an insurmountable challenge and escaping horrifically embarrassing moments throughout my school years was unavoidable.
When I married the second time, my husband possessed two Master’s and two PhD’s. I was morethan intimidated and almost always acquiesced to his favor because I believed he should know more than I did. It wasn’t until we were married for three years that I discovered that wasn’t the case at all.