Casual to Formal

Them: Yes ___ No ___

How do you feel about formal events? Do you like to dress up in a tuxedo a couple of times during the year? Do you find formal events a great big bore? If you can’t agree, you’re asking for one of you to give up an activity that is special. I especially enjoying going into the city, having dinner at a restaurant I’ve never been to before and attending a play or the symphony at one of the many theatres.

I don’t have to dress to the extreme of a tuxedo, but I enjoy the process of “putting on the Ritz”. It’s gratifying to play dress up. And I also enjoy lounging in my favorite sweat pants or jeans. I enjoy each experience in the moment. I can’t imagine spending an abundance of time with anyone who wouldn’t think the same. I know I could gather up friends that would participate in going to the city, but it wouldn’t be the same.