Chauvinistic:                  Them: Yes ___ No ___

By definition, a chauvinist is someone who has an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex.”

That includes both males and females. Anyone who has the slightest inclination toward leaving the window open because I had never lived in a city environment. The noise of the traffic, sirens and voices kept me awake all night. My husband felt claustrophobic with the window closed. I don’t believe I had a decent night’s sleep until we moved to Eureka four years later.

It was extremely pleasant to feel the cool night air wash over me during the night. I’d huddle closer to my husband and pull the down comforter around my ears. I loved it in the country but hated it the whole time we lived in the city.

One couple I know argued constantly about the climate control while they were sleeping. Men are warmer and women are colder. More blankets or fewer blankets? How about getting a temperature-controlled bed. That’s right, they have those too!