Five Years Later

Transitions can be difficult and after being married for five years I can’t imagine how difficult it is for those who are married twenty years.

I sat down at Max’s in Walnut Creek and in three hours I took my list of five criteria and expanded it to 125. I broke it out into categories of what are absolutely necessary or definitely intolerable. I created the list with a rating system of 1 to 5 ratings system. I covered every area from education, family, friends, attire, appearance and even social habits.

I handed out my list to several of my single friends and they had a great time with it. They had never thought about making a list of what they wanted and all agreed, both male and female alike, the physical attraction was the main criteria they used in getting involved in a relationship.

The also agreed it was the last criteria they should have used to create a long term relationship. But they had never thought to question the habits of those they dated. It never occurred to them they might have choices rather than a mutual physical attraction.

They would report back to me and confirm their dating became more interesting and fun.

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