It took me about five years before I let someone get close to me. We all heal at a different pace. No one knows why, but what I found was it was important was to heal completely before dating or especially getting involved in a relationship.

I moved to Hawaii and again, I fell in love within the first week I was there. Actually the very first night we went to one of the hotels for live music and this gorgeous man asked me to dance. He actually sang the song that was being played in my ear.

He asked to have dinner with me the next night and it was one of the most romantic relationships I’ve ever had. We spent evenings walking on the beach sipping champagne, he played classical music for me on his grand piano, we toured all the islands on his days off and we had amazing dinners out and over at his friends homes.

Okay, living in Hawaii had something to do with it, in fact more than I knew. We were together for five months before I had to return to California to see family.

He then came to California to look at some land, but the magic that was so prevalent in Hawaii was non existent when he came over. We were both disappointed but realistic and let the relationship end.