Because of my job at the University I met more than enough men, but I preferred to spend my free time with the friends from the band and the some of my neighbors who were all about the same age.

On Sundays I’d have about 30 people show up and we’d play flag football for a couple of hours and then make these amazing breakfasts. One Thanksgiving there was 45 people in my front room for a sit down Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never had so much fun. Everyone was so much fun and there was never any drama.

So the idea of dating wasn’t a concern for quite awhile.

Then I fell in love and we hadn’t even dated. He was one of the guys who had lived near me and his family lived in Napa. He asked me to marry him after about a year later, but when he went home to tell his parents, he came back and broke it off with me because I couldn’t have children.

Life lessons are so difficult to understand at the time.

I managed to get through it by dating, a lot!

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