Family Relationships

Not everyone has a great family relationship. Not everyone has great parents not good memories of their childhood.

When I met my first husband, his family relationships were complicated. He had 11 brothers and sisters and was in the middle of the pack. I was never comfortable with his family since they were very much in his life and they were much closer than the relationship I had experienced in my family.

My second husband was extremely close to his mother. In fact, in the ’70’s he called his mother nearly every two or three days. I was relieved we lived across the country from her because I’m sure we never would have made it the five years we did manage.

Yet my most functional relationship with Michael brought me an ideal relationship with his mother. I often told both Michael and his mother I viewed her more of a mother figure than my own mother.

Developing a good relationship with your partners family can and will make or break your relationship in time. It is difficult at the very least to bite your tongue for twenty to thirty years.

Be aware of the family you’re getting yourself into. Choose your relationships carefully.