When you look at dating someone, you need to remember, you’ll be involved in the whole family.

Many times people have said, if you want to know how the woman you’re dating will turn out, just meet her mother. The same goes for the father and son. It isn’t exactly the case, but there’s a good possibility there will be many similarities.

I’ve mentioned my ex’s mother and how she called every day and refused to call me by my name, she would refer to me by every name of all his previous girlfriends.

It always put a strain on our relationship and when we visited his mother in Florida she always found ways of insulting me, directly to my face. The darn thing was he never defended me or stood up to his mother. He always said that it was never intentional and I had to learn to be more understanding.

So, I can’t imagine how difficult it might have been if we had gone on any longer. I have always been very cautious about the family of anyone I ever dated and especially the mothers.

On the total oppose spectrum my relationship with Michael was the most ideal I have ever known. His mother was more like the mother I had always wanted. She was kind, fun, caring, gentle and always treated me with respect. What a difference that makes.