When I moved  to the Bay Area, I decided to focus on dating men who were more educated. In fact I would only date them if they had a college degree. Which is strange, since I don’t have one.

But I realized I was more comfortable with men who could carry on an intelligent conversation, be interested in more than spending every weekend on the couch watching sports or their entire wardrobe was jeans and t-shirts.

I thought I had found the perfect match with the man I met within the first six months of living in Lafayette. He was charming and had three degrees, he was handsome and kind, he was clever and funny and more of what I thought would be a good fit for me.

It was a blast. He was always coming up with something new to entertain me with. One tie he came home and told me to pack a bag. When I asked him where we were going he said if I didn’t have what I need, we’d buy it there.

We went to New York City, saw three plays, had pastrami sandwiches  at Katz’s Deli, walked around Times Square and then came home three days later.

It was a great weekend. When he asked me to marry him he only promised that I would never be bored.

It makes sense to get involved with someone who is more in like with your likes and dislikes rather than dating someone because of their looks.

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