It has been so long since the last time I flirted! I almost forgot how it should be done!

I went to lunch with a business associate and all went well throughout the lunch. We were able to cover a lot of territory and I felt it was a fun and productive meeting.

But once we went outside, we started talking about his personal interests and we talked about different events we have enjoyed doing.

What surprised me is when the conversation actually turned to flirting, but it was so subtle I nearly missed it. It was more fun than overt flirting, which I have never been very good at doing.

I doubt there was anything to it, but it was very enjoyable.

How do you feel about flirting? Do you play the game well?  Do you always flirt or do you save your flirting to those you feel are special?

I once took a class on flirting through the Learning Annex but I don’t think I actually learned anything. Most of the ideas were too over the top for for my comfort zone.

Do you have great flirting stories? I would love to hear from you if you do!

If not, go out and do some flirting this weekend!