Live and Learn

I am grateful I have finally decided to be open to dating again, after 12 years of not having any interest what so ever!

It wasn’t even a decision. It just snuck up on me over the summer. I had been talking to someone in Florida about business and it became more personal after a month or so. At least I think that’s when it began, maybe it was earlier than that for him. But I was numb to the possibility.

I loved the feeling of looking forward to his calls. I enjoyed his attention and his amazing conversations. I ran the conversations over and over in my head during the day and would save special ideas and anxiously await a time when I would be able to tell him about various events I had experienced.

But then things changed and it hurt my feelings drastically.

But the summer opened up my heart to the possibilities of being in a healthy relationship again.

New on my list? How about “No long distance relationships”

I think that is a valid requirement. It is too hard to make a relationship work with 3,000 miles or even an hour separating you!

So the next time, I’ll be more prepared and at least I’m back now in the game of life!