Live and Learn

I am grateful I have finally decided to be open to dating again, after 12 years of not having any interest what so ever!

It wasn’t even a decision. It just snuck up on me over the summer. I had been talking to someone in Florida about business and it became more personal after a month or so. At least I think that’s when it began, maybe it was earlier than that for him. But I was numb to the possibility.

I loved the feeling of looking forward to his calls. I enjoyed his attention and his amazing conversations. I ran the conversations over and over in my head during the day and would save special ideas and anxiously await a time when I would be able to tell him about various events I had experienced.

But then things changed and it hurt my feelings drastically.

But the summer opened up my heart to the possibilities of being in a healthy relationship again.

New on my list? How about “No long distance relationships”

I think that is a valid requirement. It is too hard to make a relationship work with 3,000 miles or even an hour separating you!

So the next time, I’ll be more prepared and at least I’m back now in the game of life!

To Date or Not to Date

It is difficult to stay open minded once exposed or recently exposed to another’s ill manners, or less than honorable behavior.

When I let someone into my life on a personal level, I always expect what they are tell me is nothing but the truth.

Sadly enough that isn’t always how it is. I have never understood what someone feels they might gain by telling or acting less than honestly.

I stumbled across this quote years ago and found it a wonderful sounding board.

“What you do speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The plight of  most in relationships is each person starts out by truly wanting to believe in the other. They listen to justifications of poor behavior and excuse slights and misguided interpretations of intentions.

Then the day of reckoning comes and  one has to decide what is more important, hanging on to a relationship which is based on half truths or withdrawing completely to avoid a potential repeat of such misunderstandings.

So what would you do? Would you put up with a relationship when it doesn’t make you happy because you are in love with the other person?

It’s a tough call, and only you are able to make such a decision.