Body Types

Body-Type Preferences:
Despite how much we try to ignore the obvious, how someone looks is very important to the level of attraction and animal magnetism. I’ve known women that love the “body builder” type. In my opinion, they are nice to look at, but not very comfy!
One time I dated a man who was a professional body builder. That’s right, one time! When it was time to say good night and he put his arms around me to give me a hug, I had the physical impression of leaning against a brick wall. I know some women love the over-developed muscular types, but I couldn’t get beyond the lack of warmth or comfort in the embrace.
Men also need to look at the ideal body style. A petite figure, the majority of the guys that I’ve talked with prefer size 2. But it’s amazing how many men enjoy more shapely women, despite the “twiggy” hangover from the 60’s.
It has been sad to be a witness to several friends who admitted after being in a relationship for ten years, there had been very little physical attraction between them from the beginning.
Their self-esteem is often damaged to the core as a repercussion. No matter how much we indulge in positive self-talk about how the other person cannot affect our self-esteem, it is inevitable.
When we leave a relationship feeling unattractive, the pendulum to prove we are attractive will swing far and wide.
There are so many quality single people available; it is not ever necessary to settle for someone who is not physically appealing. Do both of you a huge favor and pass it up if you can’t imagine yourselves together twenty years from now.