Physical Appearance

Weight Preferences:
All of us get a little over or under weight from time to time, but if you or they are close to the ideal weight, it won’t be an issue. I know many that believe that overweight people are hiding behind excess weight as a protection device, but I truly believe that a healthy body is never overweight.
Most often when a person is healthy, they are not overweight. It is hard not to judge people who are extremely overweight, but it is typically due to a malfunction of their system to process foods and eliminate cravings.
I have caught myself thinking when I am overweight that “if they could see beyond the weight and see me for who I really am, then I would find someone who truly would care for me as the person, not the physical package.”
Yet, a man who is more than 50 pounds overweight would have to be incredibly outstanding in other areas to become attractive through my eyes.
On the other hand, I have never been attracted to a man who is lean or thin. My little brother is a perfect example. He is 6’1″ and struggles to keep his weight near 190 pounds. Although he is very attractive, (he even modeled for Pierre Cardin in New York), I have not personally found that his physical frame is as appealing as someone who might have to work to keep the weight down is.
A close friend of mine mentioned that he prefers petite women who are well endowed. He told me that he’s never strayed from this specific body type. I’ve watched him look in appreciation at young women with long legs, but he swears that they do not hold a long-term appeal for him. His main criteria dictate that he can completely reach around her when he’s holding her. He believes that it makes him feel more sensual.

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