Frame Size

Frame Size Preferences:
Every time I think about the men that I have thought to be the most attractive over the long-term for me, it was the men that had the broad shoulders and narrow hips. My favorite has always been men who have barrel chests. When a man with a broad chest hugs me, I feel as though I am completely encompassed by their strength. I feel a profound sense of security and safety.
“There is someone for everyone” so they say. I believe it is a matter of identifying what is the most appealing to you. After the dust settles, ten years later, will you still find them attractive?
It is not fair to get involved with someone when you are not thoroughly attracted to him or her physically. It is an absolute recipe for disaster.
There is a large frame, (mountain man/Amazon woman), medium frame, (the average American male is 5’10″ 150 pounds and the average woman is 5’3″ and 125 pounds) and the small frame (men who are less than 5’6″ and women who are less than 5’1″).
The importance is merely based on your own personal preferences.