Physical Traits

Hair Preferences:
Do you like long hair? Do you prefer light or dark hair? A current fad for men is to shave their heads. It certainly isn’t the most appealing style as far as I’m concerned, but some women must think that it’s attractive, or they wouldn’t keep doing it!
Some men prefer long hair or a specific color. Their attitude is usually develop early on in their lives and they have a tendency to stick to it.
I’ve noticed that I have changed my opinion about men’s hair as the styles change. I loved the surfer look in my teens. I found that a clean-shaven neck was extremely attractive in my 30’s. The man from my last relationship used to joke about being able to count every hair on his head.
Time does change your preferences as much as styles change.  Having long hair or short hair will not change who the person is, but it is subjective in how attractive they might be for initial attraction.