Physical Preferences

Eye Color Preferences:
Have you ever been startled by the color of someone’s eyes? Did you ever feel like you could drown in the depths of the darkness of someone’s brown eyes? It’s a soulful experience. Many believe that the “eyes are the window to the soul.” It is one of the more enticing attributes of physical attraction.
On the other hand, could you remember the eye color of your last date? Eyes are an important characteristic that can become part of your overall permanent attraction effect.
Imagine that you have just had a major fight. It was painfully emotional and you see no way to resolve the conflict. You are at a crossroad in the relationship. You look up and gaze into their yes and you immediately feel their pain. You flash on the first time you gazed into their eyes and how you got lost in the moment of time. You stop and think about all of the other things you agree on and suddenly you know that there isn’t anything that is more important than being together and being in a relationship with unconditional love. No matter how important it seemed to be moments ago, it lost it’s significance.
A person’s eyes are their connection to who they truly are. If you have made that deepest level of connection with them, their eyes will speak volumes to you within a matter of seconds.
If you have no particular connection with your mate’s eyes, it is more difficult to achieve this level of emotional exchange.
It is not just the color of their eyes; it is your ability to recognize their core being through their eyes.