Physical Preferences

Skin Tone Preferences:
A medium to darker skin-tone will be less apt to avoid exposure to the sun. After the many summers I spent sunbathing by myself, it was a real treat to share the activity with a man. It was a great time to talk and catch up. We played backgammon, cribbage and various card games. I often think about how much fun that was. I find that I developed a belief that men with darker skin were more rugged, more durable. For whatever it’s worth, I interpret that image to strength.
Over the years I have dated two men whose skin was lighter, but the physical attraction was never as impactful as a darker skin-tone.
When you look at their coloring, there is something innate about our reaction. It is not a conscious decision we make in the beginning. It is generally not even an issue we are consciously aware. It is simply one aspect to be aware of, especially if you have created a definite pattern.

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