Handwriting Analysis

I worked for the state of California University in Chico in the 70’s. I had to interview 200 students to hire 60 each semester and after struggling to determine who I should hire for two semesters I discovered handwriting analysis.

The results showed punctuality, honesty, an aptitude for organizational skills and many other important characteristics that were valuable for me in hiring the students that would work well in the department.

Then one day I was out with a group of friends when a young man approached me and ended up asking me if I would go out with him. I asked if I could see his driver’s license and he agreed.

What I saw was a very organized, thoughtful and prompt signature. So of course I agreed. That was when I realized what a great gift it is to learn how to read handwriting. It is so revealing to look at the basic characteristics, it helps to know whether someone should be considered to take up your time.

When you take the time to learn the basics, you’ll be able to take one look at someone’s signature and know if they have a positive or negative outlook on life. You’ll know if they will show up on time or always be running late.

It is a great tool to obtain insights for you to know more about someone the very first time you meet them.