I have always been interested in various personality recognition techniques. About 1998 I met a brilliant man who was an expert in the Enneagrams. I took his class to have a better understanding of how it might apply to my life and especially my single life.

It was one more quiver to add to my bow bag. I enjoy getting to know as much as I can about personalities and how people are influenced by specific situations. It is so much easier to understand why people do what they do, when you know what drives them.

The Enneagram measures personalities along 9 different scales, each of which are linked to a number of personality traits. This various tests ranges are from 40 – 180 question and are loosely based on a 9 point diagram which is based on mystic theories but is fairly comprehensive in its analysis.

Each question is a statement which you have to answer either (Y)es you agree totally, (S)omewhat if you partly agree with the statement or (N)o if you disagree with the statement. Once you have answered all of the questions your answers will be analysed and you will be given your results very rapidly.

Take a few moments to take the test and be sure to answer the questions accurately.