Physical Appearance Characteristics

Twenty years ago I met this marvelous man that I eventually married. He owned nine three-piece suits, no less than ten dress shirts in white and light blue and he had at least 50 silk ties. I had eleven pairs of blue jeans and one dress.
I feel as though he took me out into a world I never would have explored had it not been for his guidance and encouragement. He took me to parties at country clubs, we visited cities all over the world and he introduced me to cultural events I never would have considered attending.
My life is certainly richer because of the experience. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. But my background didn’t provide the exposure to even begin to think about participating within his comfort zone. It wasn’t much of a problem the first three years. I spent most of my time in awe of his accomplishments and the doors that he opened for me. But eventually it got to me. It felt like I was living on the edge. There wasn’t a single week that didn’t involve some level of manufactured stress.