Physical Appearance

Even though it started out exciting, it wasn’t within my makeup to continually live each day waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop.
The extremes are what help us learn the best lessons. You will recognize which idiosyncrasies appeal to you and which are beyond your acceptable level in a relationship.
There are also times when cruising in a bridge relationship is ideal. It is a time when you can recover and regroup. But, be up front with whom you are involved. It is not acceptable to let them think that there is hope for a long-term relationship if you are merely going through the healing process.
And by all means do not jump into a relationship for at least six months. It isn’t fair to involve anyone until your head is completely clear of all of the emotional repercussions.
When you feel you have overcome all of the issues you had to face from the breakup, and know you are approaching a new relationship without any encumbrances, then and only then should you admit to dating for keeps.