Personal Habits

Everyone was born with the same ability to change anything they choose. Sometimes, the way we are raised doesn’t allow for exposure in ample social arenas. It might be difficult to discover where our true comfort level is without the exposure to a variety of avenues.
If you have never been to the symphony or played a musical instrument would you know what you are missing?
When you have never been to a foreign country and soaked up the local culture, would you yearn to travel?
If you spent most of your life in blue jeans, would you look forward to attending formal events where you were required to wear a tuxedo or formal ball gown?
When I was fifteen I stuttered. It was painful for me to force myself through a book report that I had to read out loud in front of my English or history class. My English teacher, Mrs. Lemos, kept me after school nearly every day and had me read from Shakespeare while holding my tongue. It took less than a year for me to stop stuttering.
My history teacher, Mr. Mieske talked me into participating in the speech class in hopes I might be able to conquer my shyness. By the time I was in my junior year I was elected to the student council. It was my job to make the event announcements over the public address system.
I was fortunate to have teachers who took a special interest in me. Their caring gave me the knowledge that I could conquer and change anything I chose. And more importantly, I developed the desire to change.