Personal Habits

Dresses Neatly: Them: Yes ___ No ___
I have seen both men and women that never appear to be neat in their clothing; no matter what style they wear. I know people who look like a million bucks in blue jeans. I have always wondered how this could be possible. It sure doesn’t work for me.
I have always thought that if you’re a suit, (white collar, professional) look toward other suits for your mate! Your lifestyle revolves around going to work in an They are more apt to view their jobs as a career and their way of life. Their career is very closely associated to who they believe they are. They will usually be thinking about their job or business, even when they are not at the office.
The major point of contention is if you are a more adventurous individual, you will be more likely to find your personal time more fulfilling with an individual who works in an environment where suits are not the typical dress code.
When you are working in a more casual setting, it is more relaxed. Often casual business atmospheres stimulate the concept of “it’s just a job” and the supports the concept that work is drudgery.
Did you know that more people die of a heart attack on Monday mornings than all the other six days combined? The majority of those heart attacks are blue-collar workers.
Both of these atmospheres have a certain appeal to specific personality types. I know that people believe that opposites attract and viva la difference is the spice of life. Yet, based on my personal experiences and scores of observations, the differences are attractive at first, but are the root cause behind many riffs throughout the relationship.