Personal Habits

Sleeps Specific Time: Them: Yes ___ No ___
This is an area that can really make a difference in your relationship. When I was in my 20’s, I must have slept until noon every Saturday and Sunday. That means that I had one day a weekend, instead of two. Now it seems that I awake by seven no matter what time I get to bed. I love that I have the entire day both days to do what I want.
I know several couples that love to sleep late on the weekends. It really doesn’t matter unless you have the opposite preference from each other.  Why put yourself in that position?
In my last relationship, he never woke up before ten or eleven on the weekends. His schedule wasn’t that demanding during the week, but a life-long habit made him feel that it was a treat to sleep in.
I could always find something to do, and often used the time to create special projects, but there were far too many weekends that I felt like I had missed out on something that I would have enjoyed doing with him. Yet, if I woke him up to do something, he would be irritable throughout the day.