Personal Relationship Traits

The background of someone you are thinking about getting involved with will tell you if there are going to be areas of contention.
For example: You might find you want to get to know someone better and you’re in the frame of mind that you are steering toward marriage. They have never had a relationship that has lasted long that a year. When things become difficult, the chances are not very good for them to stay and weather the storm.
You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time by delving into their track record.
Has Been Married: Them: Yes ___ No ___
Do you know anyone who hasn’t been married and they’re over thirty? I do. In fact, I know several of them. Being in a long-term relationship does count for being married.
The issue is whether they are capable of committing to one person over a period of time. The common belief is that if they haven’t been married, they are too picky and too hard to acclimate to the typical style a relationship requires.