Birth Order

Youngest Child: Them: Yes ___ No ___ The youngest child is typically given extra special attention, often causing the child to grow up thinking that they can usually gain their own way by several techniques of emotional blackmail they cultivate.
Oldest Child: Them: Yes ___ No ___ When children are the oldest and have more than two younger siblings, the burden of care often falls on their shoulders. The repercussions can lead to an avoidance of commitment and responsibility as an adult.
Middle Child: Them: Yes ___ No ___ A middle child is thought to go to the wall to keep the peace in the family. They are typically the peacemakers in family situations. They can’t bear family squabbles and typically are thought to try too hard to win everyone’s approval. When you approach a relationship with your eyes wide open and are aware of what you might be up against, you are better prepared to avoid judgment of their actions. Fundamentally it will also help you learn to avoid the pitfall of taking their personality traits to heart. Most often they are not even aware of why they have the reactions they have.