Long Term

A friend of mine had been dating the same women for seven years. His background dictated that marriage was inevitable. They had lived together for a year; split up for six months, then came began dating exclusively. She accepted his engagement ring, but would never set the date for their wedding, even after two years. Eventually it wore him out. He dedicated him self to building their future life together. He felt he had no choice but to end the liaison.

I was close enough that I believe they each loved each dearly, but they were both holding on to two different sets of guidelines. Neither one was willing to budge. But I wonder if they will ever find anyone else as compatible as they were?

I’ve noticed there seems to be more women who are not willing to go through marriage a second time. They’ve become indifferent to the benefits of embracing love and relationship that they believe they are happier keeping one or more men at bay.

It was pointed out to me recently that it’s easier not being in a relationship. It’s less stress, more freedom and more fun.

That might be true if you can keep an intimate relationship at arm’s length, but I don’t believe that works for everyone. I was told that when we are not involved in an intimate relationship, we are isolating ourselves from very important growth processes.