Cuddling: Them: Yes ___ No ___

I know you guys like to proclaim your lack of interest for cuddling, but I know better. It’s the next best thing to sex! I know it’s not just a female thing! There’s nothing like falling asleep while spooning with the person that you love.

But let’s say that you have sleep challenges. I think the older we get the more sleep challenged we become. I remember my mother’s delight when the house emptied out enough for her to have her own bedroom.

She always teased my father about his method of turning over during the night. She said he became airborne and rolled 180 degrees, taking all the blankets with him. It was funny hearing her talk about it, but it wasn’t very funny for her to loose sleep each night.

I can’t imagine how startling that might me when in a deep sound sleep. Snoring seems to be the biggest obstacle to a partner achieving a restful night’s sleep. Yes, both men and women snore, but I think men snore louder (grin)!

Today there are several options for the snoring impaired. There is surgery, strips, hypnosis and pillows. There really isn’t any excuse for interrupting your partner’s sleep because of snoring.