She hesitantly confessed that her groom brought out a box of “toys” when they got back from their honeymoon and scared her out of her wits. She immediately concluded that he was a “sex maniac”. She was afraid that she would have to file for an annulment.

After she calmed down a bit, I asked her if she had talked to him about her fears and she said she was too embarrassed. How could she tell him what she was feeling? I suggested counseling and she said she was sure that he would agree.

So I asked her to write out her feelings and give them to her husband, suggesting she stay away from statements that might appear judgmental.

She called me a week later, to let me know that all was okay. When I asked her if she expressed her concerns to her husband, she said she did indeed. His response was that he wanted to make sure that she was satisfied. When he eased her mind that the toys were not a necessity, they were back on track.