Passionate: Them: Yes ___ No ___

You either are or you aren’t passionate with an individual mate. Usually, there is a chemical reaction to specific individuals and passion is extremely difficult to manufacture. That is the difference between being passionate and sexually expressive.
Open Minded/Lovemaking: Them: Yes __ No __

Being open minded about intimacy was a challenge for many women prior to the 70’s sexual revolution. But, there are just as many men who don’t care to experiment. What a good fundamental rule about passion, intimacy and being open to a variety of sexual practices, is talk about your comfort levels. Be open and honest about your fears. Trust your partner enough to listen to their concerns. This is an area that you can’t afford to avoid.

A couple of years ago I attend the wedding of two close friends. Prior to their marriage they were very close and occasionally alluded to the incredible sexual relationship they shared. I had lunch with the bride less than a month after their wedding when she suddenly broke down in tears. I encouraged her to talk about what was disturbing her.