Them: Yes ___ No ___ I know I get caught up in what I need to do sometimes and forget to acknowledge others. I try to compliment someone every day. It becomes a game. Who gets the compliment for the day?  It can be a challenge, be it provides me a great deal of joy to watch people’s reaction. It’s a wonderful feeling because they know I am sincere and I love watching their face light up.
Receives Compliments: Them: Yes ___ No ___

Giving and receiving compliments are considered an art. Until I was in my 30’s, when someone gave me a compliment, I would diminish it by reducing the point of the compliment. Someone would say, “Your hair is really pretty.” I would respond, “It’s so hard to control.” They would say “You look really great in that dress” and I would reply “I’ve had this thing for years.”I am sure I hurt their feelings, even though I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Then one day, someone said, “Just say ‘thank you’! Accept the compliment at face value.” That response took more than a year to perfect. And every time someone pays me a compliment, I always smile and thank them for their kindness.