Them: Yes ___ No ___

Logic by definition is criteria of valid principles. Being logical has is not logical to everyone. I’ve never understood how a concept, which is very clear to me, is completely a mystery to others.

Let’s say you have to do your errands on a Saturday. You have five things you must do. Pick up the dry cleaning, go by the hardware store, return the rented movies, find a birthday present for your mother and do the weekly grocery shopping.

In my way of thinking, you travel from point “A” closest to home; to point “B” on the way to point “C”  which is farthest from home; stop by “D” on the way back and then point “E” the grocery store, since you’ll probably buy frozen foods and shouldn’t carry them around in the car.

But, most of my friends zigzag all over the place without any thought to the amount of time they waste that is their precious weekend time. As long as I’m not along, it doesn’t matter. But if I have to be a witness to “Oh I need to go back near point “C” I forgot to get blah blah!” I can’t help be get frustrated.

It doesn’t matter that we would be spending time together regardless of what order we proceed with the errands, it’s the inefficiency that gets to me. I know, it’s probably a control issue, but I still have to talk myself through being relaxed and not responding negatively when it seems inefficient.

Imagine if your partner and you were on totally opposite spectrums of logic and you had to be a part of that every day! Wouldn’t that force you to develop an extreme level of self-control?

A person who is organized falls into the same category as someone who is logical. I know a professional organizer and I am more organized that most people, so I know it’s not the personality, birth sign, way you’re brought up or anything measurable.

So, what makes someone organized? The way I view it, it’s logical. If I’m extremely organized, I’ll save time. Time is my biggest commodity. I hate wasting time. I resent waiting for my car to be worked on, standing in line at the DMV, Post Office and bank. I generally do my banking after the bank is closed, with an occasional exception. I still believe it’s better that the banker recognizes me. That will only happen if they see me every once in awhile.