Them: Yes ___ No ___

One time I was in a relationship with a man that I never once had to ask him to do “basic” things. He took out the trash if he noticed it was getting full. He also put the toilet lid down, threw away the empty cartons, put his clothes in the dirty laundry hamper and so on. That’s when I realized how nice it was to be involved with a man who was responsive and responsible for himself.

Not everyone is conscious about their environment, but it makes a huge difference when your partner is as aware as you might be.

It’s so much more fun to come home to a clean, neat and orderly home. It’s more pleasant to know when you reach for the garlic press it’s in the second drawer and you don’t have to search each and every drawer just to find it.

I’m not always a neat freak, but it does help when you ask your partner to do something and you know you can trust that it will be done!