Confronts Challenges

Confronts Challenges:     Them: Yes ___ No ___

Being a Scorpio, procrastination is one of my major pet peeves. I grew up putting everything off. I was not taught to tackle the challenges sooner than later. I remember the first time I wasn’t able to complete a homework project in high school and rather than approaching the teacher I avoided the class for a week.

Then I finally got up the nerve to talk with him and he helped me figure out why I was having difficulty with the problems. It was nothing like I imagined. Certainly nothing could have been as bad as I had imagined his reaction would have been.

I wasn’t a quick study however. It took several years of avoiding challenges before I finally realized that the sooner I dealt with them, the sooner I could find a solution and move forward.

It’s too bad we’re not taught how to creatively face our challenges. There is always a solution and if it’s not the right one at first, we can adjust later on.

Putting things off rarely ever pays off. But I am reminded of the man I once knew that was great at putting things off. I believe whoever said “never do today what you might put off until tomorrow” had him in mind. Then one time after putting off getting his car painted he came in all excited because someone had hit him in the parking lot and they were going to pay to have the dent fixed and it would include a new paint job. He was so pleased with himself.