Hoards Possessions:       Them: Yes ___ No ___

Years ago a friend of mine bought a new car. She really deserved the car as she had put it off for more than ten years just to make sure that she had paid off all of her bills before taking on the obligation of a car payment.

One day my car broke down an hour before I was scheduled for a speaking engagement about 30minutes away. I called and asked if I could borrow her car for a couple of hours while she was at work and her answer was “No!”

That was the end of the conversation. I realize it wasn’t her responsibility to bail me out of a jam, but it was hard to accept that the car, which was about six months old by then, was more important than being able to help out a friend.

When you grow up not having anything as I did, it’s easy to fall into the trap of hoarding possessions. But technically, by being so focused on what you’re keeping to yourself, you are apt to miss an even greater gift. This is a very difficult trait to break, even when one chooses to do so.