Likes to Dance:               Them: Yes ___ No ___

Those that like to dance find it hard to relinquish their dancing time. Those that don’t, rarely make the effort to participate. My father wasn’t enthused about dancing. I never thought to ask him why. But I remember that my mother looked wistfully at my father-in-law and admitted that the last time she and my father danced was the day they got married. She loved to dance.

Their lifestyle wasn’t conducive to dancing and parties, but they did go to several weddings and I find it hard to accept that my father didn’t at least make the effort to please my mother by dancing at least every once in awhile.

It’s one of those gray areas that if you think about it, can really bother you, so you spend the energy that it takes to not think about it.

For me there is nothing more endearing that dancing with a man who really knows his way around the dance floor. It is the epitome of the art of wooing.