Divorce Final

Divorce Final Length: Them: Yes ___ No ___
This is also one of my private rule of thumb that someone should be out of the relationship for at least two years and has dated at least two or three others before I am comfortable getting involved.
I dated several men who were recently out of a marriage and soon discovered that there truly is a rebound effect.
I didn’t care for being the sounding board and particularly disliked hearing the blow-by-blow narrative on the multitude of conflicts between the two of them, their kids and their dog and cat.


Divorce is Final: Them: Yes ___ No ___
My contention is that I prefer that they’ve been married and divorced at least two years. That’s a final decree in their divorce.
It only happened once, but it was a major setback when the man I had become enamored with stopped calling and didn’t return my calls.
I found out through mutual friends that he and his ex of 18 months decided to get back together, “for the kids sake.” No matter how great that seems, it’s still rough.
I think that’s great if they can indeed create a happy home, but I don’t believe the kids benefit from having their mother and father around when they don’t get along. I believe it creates a very bad example of how to be in a relationship.