Being Choosy

Being choosy about who I might date kept me from getting involved with anyone for another six months.

Then I met Roger who raced motorcycles. Auto cross and motorcycle racing have the same basic foundation. We were both very competitive and enjoyed the thrill of the race track. Roger was also very sweet and kind. I was fortunate in that respect. But he began to want too much too fast and I began to back away.

I wasn’t over my marriage yet and getting involved with someone on that level of being serious was not at all within my comfort zone. I had told Roger that, but sometimes the words of warning are heard as being a personal challenge.

We stayed friends for awhile, but eventually he moved on, back to his home town and a new job.

I had made a lot of friends between the college and the race track, so I was not at all concerned with being in a relationship. It was a stigma for most women to not have a relationship, but I was very lucky I had developed a friendship with a number of musicians and their girlfriends and wives.

We had amazing group dinners and eventually I began to manage the band by getting them photo shoots, gigs and even ran a renaming contest for the band for publicity.

It was a very fulfilling time.

Making a List Book

This book is dedicated to singles who are looking for a quality relationship. One, not multiple relationships. There are many places for singles to go who are interested in casual dating, but I am interested in helping those of you who want to settle in but not settle.

You'll find many great ideas on my blog that I have learned over the years. It is so difficult to find someone who feels like your soul mate and you fits nto each other's lives. But what I have developed is a method to help you define who you're looking for and how to eliminate those who are not suitable for you, early on.

We'll look at your priorities and in areas in your life. And the more specific you are, the more likely you will find the right person to spend the rest of your life.