Sun Sign

Sun Sign Preference: Them: Yes ___ No ___An example might involve a Libra who will avoid making a decision. It’s not because they can’t make a decision; it’s because they are more concerned with keeping everyone happy. They know that it is impossible to please everyone. It is more comfortable to let someone else make the decision for them.

Therefore, there is no reasonable cause to be upset when you’re involved with a Libra and they won’t decide if you should go out to dinner or a movie. Make the decision for them!

The most broadly accepted general traits of specific Sun Signs are Aires are impulsive, less apt to complete projects. A Taurus is methodical, responsible and practical. Gemini chatty, curious in nature and often embraces multiple points of view. Cancer born are great homemakers. They are caring and embrace family life. Leos are natural performers and they love to attract attention. Virgo have a natural ability to create lists and are known to enjoy fixing things, especially relationships. Libra needs balance. They are often thought to be extremely courteous and well mannered. Scorpios operate on their perceptive abilities. They are usually thought to be the most intense of all the signs. Sagittarius born are known to be adventurous, easily bored by routine and enjoy their freedom. Capricorn are more likely to be found in charge.

They know what is right and don’t like to accept anything less. Aquarians create their own rules. They love change especially if it’s sudden. Pisces are known for their innate sense of humor. They have a tendency to need more time alone to regroup and will usually be the first ones to take in strays whether it’s animals or people.If there are traits within a Sun Sign that you find challenging, look at the challenge as your personal gift of growth.

If there is a partcular sign where you feel the most fulfilling relationship, that is a preference you’ll want to pay attention to whenever possible.